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Take the first step towards a chill life with your dog !!

Discover the simple keys to a deeper connection with your canine companion in our FREE ebook,
"5 Surprising Changes Your Dog Can't Wait to See You Make."


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I make for all of my clients

My 10 - page comprehensive guide reveals the small yet significant shifts you can make in your daily routine that will lead to moments of relief, more tail-wagging, and a stronger bond with your four-legged family member.


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Daphné sitting with dog on a grass area - Katja Koller Photography for Saving Slippers_edi

Hey, I'm Daphné

I help busy dog parents get a peaceful home

(and their sanity!) back.

My mission is to help you and your dog live in (true) harmony together.

I've always been very frustrated with the old school ways of training dogs, seeing how they were treated like machines with pure obedience and even violence.

I believe that EVERY dog deserves better, which is why my approach is based on sharing important (and often unmentioned) knowledge, helping mutual understanding and forming a strong relationship between the dog and human.  

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grab your free e-book now!

.... and learn about my thoughts on obedience, communication, and the importance of your routine.

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