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My Story

Growing up in a tiny town in Southern Germany I grew a deep love for animals and was lucky to always have them closeby. 

I was especially fascinated by the special relationship between dogs & humans and started volunteering at local shelters as soon as I was old enough.

In 2009 I welcomed my first foster dog, Laura, only to quickly find out that a dog can come with a whole range of challenges.

Determined to do good by her I decided to learn even more. 

This is where my journey in professional dog training began and Saving Slippers came to life.

Today I work with clients from all around the world to help them communicate better and reconnect with their pup while still being passionate about fostering.

I'm convinced that I have the best job ever... :)

Photo by Camylla Battani on Unsplash.jpg

My Approach

As a trainer I work 100% force-free and only with

positive reinforcement. The dog is motivated and invited to show a certain behaviour versus inhibited or forced to do so. 

My methods are science-based and simple, so that you can quickly replicate the training at home. 

The idea is not to stick around forever as "all-knowing coach",

but to fill your tool box with helpful, easy and effective tools so you feel comfortable to strengthen your relationship and understand your dog's behaviours for years to come. 

My services are delivered as needed in English, German, Spanish or French. 

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