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Gray Snouts sessions

For the seniors

About the program:

Although you really wish your dog would live forever, lately the white hair around her muzzle have multiplied, she sleeps more and her favourite games don't seem to spark much joy.

I'll help you understand the changes that your senior dog is going through and what you can do to help them ease into this new stage of their life. You will know what to watch out for in order to maintain your dog healthy, which type of exercises and games are safe to play, and how to adapt your home and lifestyle in order to have a happy senior dog.

If you would like to make sure you can accompany your forever puppy in the best way possible, let's hop on a call and get the ball rolling!

What's included:

Available as online version 

- 3 private sessions at/around your home going through adjustments to make your oldie the most comfortable

- Customised exercises to maintain your dog in good mental and physical health

- Health and Behaviour Checklists so that you can catch health issues and decline on time to mitigate

- Resources (videos, handouts, checklists) for senior dogs

- Ongoing support through WhatsApp to resolve any questions in between sessions, in order for you to feel confident in any decision you take

- Access to the Saving Slippers Network of trusted and experienced dog sitters, so that you rest assured your senior is in the best hands while you are away



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