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Tame the troublemaker

Behaviour Modification

About the program:

This program is designed for the "I just can't take it anymore"s and the "It's beginning to worry me"s. 
Based on the 
specific behaviour struggles we'll build a training plan to give you and your dog relief where you've felt stuck for some time now.
Behaviours that can be worked on include:
- Overexcitement on the streets or with people
- Excessive Barking

- Stress at home
- Reactivity towards other dogs, .... and many others.

assess your routine, your dog's needs and use simple, yet effective exercises to get to the root of the problem.
You'll walk away from this program
feeling empowered by having the tools to understand and support your dog, while regaining peace and harmony in your life together.

Ready for the fun part of owning a dog?


What's included:

Available as online version 

- Several private sessions at/around your home (number depending on your situation) 
including simple homework and recaps of
 the sessions to keep you on track all the way

- 1 follow up session to use within 6 months of joining, to fine tune your exercises so that you can manage training all by yourself and get compliments on your progress

- Customised training plan tailored to the needs of you and your dog, so that you can immediately stop searching for answers in hour-long YouTube rabbit holes

- Ongoing support through WhatsApp to resolve any questions in between sessions, in order for you to feel confident in your decisions at all times

- Curated list of resources (videos, handouts, checklists) as needed specific to your training goals, so that you can cut out all the other dog training noise

- Customised home work plan - simple but effective to get you those "Aha!" moments

- Dog language book & Treat pouch, so that you become your dog's new hero

- Access to the Saving Slippers Network of trusted and experienced dog sitters, for long dog-free and guilt-free weekends away that don't cause a heavy heart

"After Daphné's training my life got very easy. My dogs are not stressed out and barking at every noise, they're really chill."

Keyoka, about training with Frank & Bernie



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