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Daphné with Dog - Katja Koller Photography for Saving Slippers

Live in harmony with your dog

Coaching for busy dog parents in Barcelona & worldwide

your dream was to have a chill dog you can share a happy life with.
social, playful, cuddly, ... just a
"Normal" dog, right? 

But at this point you're frankly at your wits' end and feeling frustrated and sad because neither you or your dog are having a good time.

You've searched the entire web for answers, tested a bunch of recommendations, but nothing's really working and often the stuff you come across doesn't even feel right.

Yes, you love your dog to bits - but something has to change. Now.

I can help you work the magic


My Services

Have a look through my offers - and if you don't know which applies to you, get in touch - we'll figure it out together!

All sessions are held privately in a one on one setting in person in & around Barcelona, OR online no matter where you are around the world.

Saving Slippers Dog Training - Pre Adoption Session

Match Making Session

You've decided now is the right time to have a dog of your own. But which one?! Where from? How old? This pre-adoption session will help you find your perfect match!

Overwhelmed to Overjoyed
Puppy Program

Get off to an amazing start with your new puppy, and feel confident to guide them in all types of situations you will face now & later! (Without loosing your best pair shoes, or your sanity)

Saving Slippers Dog Training - Puppy Program
Saving Slippers Dog Training - Behaviour Modification

Tame the Troublemaker
Behaviour Modification

If you have a rescue dog, adult dog or teenager that keeps you up at night, this program is for you! 
I can help with with reactivity, fears, stress on walks, and many more issues.

Gray Snouts Sessions
Senior Dogs

All about helping your senior dog ease into this new life stage.
I'll support you in learning how you can best accompany them and
make the most out of their golden days! 

Saving Slippers Dog Training - Senior Dog Sessions
Daphné sitting with dog - Katja Koller Photography for Saving Slippers_edited.jpg

Hi, I'm Daphné

My job is called "professional dog trainer" but really my superpower is to help you as dog parent(s) really understand what's causing all this chaos with your dog and how to get your peace and sanity back.
We'll craft a nice little tool kit of knowledge on YOUR dog's needs, body language, and tailored exercises, so that you can feel more connected to your pup, stop dreading your day to day (and don't have to defend your fur baby in front of family and friends anymore).


Shall we chat?

This free 30min consultation is for
you & me to get to know each other, discuss what you'd like to work on with your dog and see if we are
a good match!

No strings attached ;)


See what my amazing clients are
saying about their experience

Saving Slippers Dog Training - Testimonial Noemie & Anna

Noemie & Anna

We adopted Aran when he was 5 months old. Found on the street, he was very reactive to pretty much everything. Daphné stepped in to give us confidence in helping him to adjust, in the right way. She did an impressive work on all of us.

Among the many great things Aran successfully achieved thanks to Daphné’s amazing pedagogy: making him comfortable outdoor (no barking, or reacting to people or other dogs), welcoming people at home without concern, controlling his impulses in general, removing separation anxiety, trusting us.

For us it was about understanding his needs across the different stage of his puppyhood, handling our differences with my partner, deconstructing our beliefs to build up more accurate knowledge about dogs etc. 

Daphné is incredible with both doggies and humans. She provides a great follow up after each sessions (priceless!). By working her teachings on a daily basis with your dog, you can only succeed. Eventually you will be willing to take more lessons just to spend extra time with her!


"Am I doing dog parenting right?"

Grab my FREE e-book with the 5 surprising changes that your dog can't wait to see you make. Start creating more harmony instantly!

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didn't find what you need?

Text me and we'll sort it out!

Thanks for getting in touch! I'll reply ASAP :)

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